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Nearly everyone these days follows a routine practice of common sense preventative health care -THIS IS GOOD! Unfortunately, the importance of a thor­ough chiropractic X-ray examination is overlooked by many. The question - Why Chiropractic X-rays? -sometimes arises, and for those who do not fully understand, more detailed clarification will be helpful. The purpose of this explanation is to present the facts, so you can make your decision based on knowledge, rather than fear. Your chiropractor may recommend an X-­ray in the diagnosis of your case for patho­logical and analytical reasons.


This simply means that your Doctor of Chiropractic feels that it is her responsibility to be certain there are no complications in your case which might prevent or delay your recovery. The X-ray is the best means by which she can "look inside" and determine the exact condition of the many parts of the body, and answer the questions that occur in every case - are there any fractures, soft tissue or bone diseases, malformations, dislocations, etc.? This portion of the chiropractic examination helps your chiropractor determine how much chiropractic care will help you and whether a medical doctor should be consulted. Frequently, a condition which may seem simple on the surface may actually be the beginning of something more serious. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for chiropractors to discover, by X-ray examination, one or more complications in patients who consult their Doctors of Chiropractic for relief of such seemingly simple conditions as a "crick in the neck" or a supposedly minor back ache or pain.


Once your chiropractor has established that nothing is present which would prevent you from obtaining the results you seek, she has yet another question to answer: what is the basic, underlying cause of your condition; is it correctable; and what needs to be done to correct it? Misalignments of the spinal vertebrae, causing pressure or irritation to the nerves within the spine or as they leave the spine, can cause many conditions - not only of the spine but also throughout the body where the nerves extend. X-rays of the spine are used to help your chiropractor analyze the positions of the bones of the spine to locate these misalign­ments. Chiropractic adjustments can accurately affect the spine, thereby removing nerve pressures or irritations. As a result pain can be relieved, and normal health restored without drugs or surgery.

More About Spinal X-Rays

Many patients have tried methods other than chiropractic without results. Previous X-ray examinations may have failed to locate the cause of the trouble. This frustrating experience does not mean that the cause cannot be found and corrected. It simply means that further search must be made, until the real cause is found. Finding the real cause is the key to the lock which may be keeping you in ill health, and which may easily lead to much more serious complications if not corrected. This X-ray is often as important to you in finding and maintaining maximum good health as the blueprint is to the builder, the pattern to the seamstress, or the recipe to the cook. Some people mistakenly think chiropractors can help only conditions of the spine or back, since this is the area where they usually concentrate their work. This is not true. When misaligned vertebrae interfere with spinal nerves, the organs or parts of the body controlled by these nerves can become diseased, causing pain and malfunction. When these nerve pressures are relieved by correcting the offending misalignment, the parts of the body being controlled by the affected nerve are usually restored to a natural state of health.

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